The majority of my work involves persuading a computer to do something, mostly using R.

Out of this has come several open software packages that I created and maintain:


A CRAN package to make whizzy looking interactive bipartite graphs for exploring and visualising ecological networks.

bipartiteD3.gifUnder the hood it is essentially one long R function to write a bit of JavaScript, which can play nicely with the D3 framework in the latest version of RStudio.

It has a lot of shiny colour options, and should play nicely with the well established bipartite package.

Vignette: LINK

GitHub (for requests, bugs etc): LINK


This package is designed to work with incompletely sampled ecological bipartite networks. It does two jobs really.

Firstly, it includes a function to try and identify likely missing links, by fitting a whole suite of models

Secondly, it includes an easy way to do some basic sampling bootstrapping, to test how robust results are to sample sizes

Vignette: LINK

Github: LINK



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